Govind Vaghashia

Real Estate

Chairman. CEO. Real Estate Broker & Entrepreneur.

Govind Vaghashia is a trail-blazing entrepreneur who loves a good challenge. It is one of the reasons he chose his career path and has successfully stayed in the real estate industry for the past 40 years.

“The best investment on earth is earth.”

Louis Glickman

Govind received his bachelor’s degree in India, where he initially focused on chemistry. In 1968, he joined the RPTP college in Vallabh Vidyanagar for one year, and later attended the Swaminarayan Science College in Ahmedabad for three years. Govind was a busy, yet dedicated, student and always worked after hours and all of the after-hours work paid off when he was elected as the General Secretary of the College Students’ Union and scored the highest marks in chemistry on his SSC exam!


Upon completion of his chemistry degree in India, Govind Vaghashia moved to Los Angeles, in 1973, to start a new life. Here, he attended the University of Southern California to study chemical engineering. While chemical engineering was enticing at first, after seeing the potential for land in America, Govind opted out of his major and began taking MBA courses at USC. In addition to taking classes, Govind worked approximately 60 hours a week making close to $1.65 an hour at KW International, a clothing manufacturer for JC Penny. His courses were nothing short of complicated, and Govind truly valued every penny that he made. Despite only averaging about 5-6 hours of sleep a night, Govind consistently woke up early and hustled. He truly defines what discipline and hard work looks like.


Currently, Govind holds the titles of CEO, Chairman, and Board Member for the strategic real estate investment firm, VBanks. They are known for their transparent management services, including handling single, multi-family, and commercial properties. Under Govind Vaghashia’s leadership, VBanks also provides management operations for the hospitality industry and retail shopping centers. Not only are they experienced in ground-up development, but also the facilitation of renovations and upgrades of existing properties.


Govind Vaghashia shares VBanks’ mission when keeping the customers in mind. Their main priority is to maintain value-driven results and to put their customers’ needs ahead of anything else. Govind also favors transparency, which is something that his clients can relate to and appreciate.


Govind is a huge advocate of giving back to his community. He takes philanthropy very seriously and supports several organizations. He served as the President and Chairman for the Federation of Indian American Association (FIA), the National Federation of the Indian-American Associations (NFIA), and the President of the Southern California Hotel/Motel Association.


This blog is a chance for Govind Vaghashia to share his knowledge on the real estate industry and tips on how you can serve your clients better!