Selling a home and getting the best price possible requires some forethought and planning. There are a lot of small factors that come together to get you the most money at closing. With a little extra diligence, you can sell your property faster and at a considerably higher price.

So what needs to be on your home selling checklist?


  1. Find The Right Realtor For Your Property

While it may seem like all real estate agents are the same, they’re not. You probably don’t need to spend too much time finding the right realtor, but you don’t want to take the first person you hear of, either. Preferably, you will find a real estate agent who has sold similar properties in your area and who has an excellent reputation online. Asking your friends and neighbors for their recommendations is always the right place to start. So is an internet search for anyone you hear about.


  1. Repaint Your Walls In Neutral Tones

You may have heard this one before, but it gets mentioned a lot for a good reason. It’s easier for homebuyers to picture their own furniture in a space with neutral wall tones. The fresh coat of paint will make your home a little newer looking, which always helps.


  1. Depersonalize Your Space

This one is easy to overlook, but an essential step! As you are preparing your home to sell, you need to make it easier for buyers to picture themselves living in this space. Before you hold an open house, go around your space, and depersonalize it. This means taking down personal photographs. Go into your bathroom and move your personal items into a drawer or a bin you can tuck under the sink. Do the same for your nightstands. Walk around your home and check for other areas where you might want to tuck things away.


  1. Look At Your Curb Appeal

A buyer’s first impression stays with them. They carry it with them as they come into the house. Could your sidewalk use pressure washing? How about your garage door? Is there a clear pathway up to your front door, drawing the eye and making the house look inviting? Having a clean front door with good lighting and possibly some plants to add color can help a lot.