Developers are now recognizing that more consumers are interested in homes that can improve both physical and mental well being. In order to attract attention from buyers, developers are making sure to focus their projects on multiple health-focused amenities. 

Realtor Magazine reveals that one prime example of this is a development outside of Atlanta called Serenbe. Homes in this 13 year old development feature geothermal heating and cooling, solar-panels, and edible landscaping. Even though these developments aren’t predominant right now, buyers are still looking for certain features in homes that fit this niche. 

Biophilic Design: Biophilic is a new term in home design and it refers to occupants desire to be close to nature. A recent study proved that looking at nature (even pictures) can help individuals come back from stressful experiences in a quicker manner. Developers and designers are bringing residents closer to nature by developing new window and door technology. This includes large panels of windows that fold away and doors that slide into pockets. All of this is done in an effort to bring the homeowner a relaxing environment and closer to nature.    

Air and Water Quality: Both air and water purification systems are now being installed in new and old homes. Air purification systems are great for those with respiratory issues, young children, or those older in age. Even though systems range from $5,000 to $15,000, it’s worth the high quality and pay off for years to come. Concerns of water quality all over the U.S. has prompted many to test their drinking water. Testing kits can help homeowners understand if there’s anything harmful in their water. Homeowners can also install purification systems that will filter water supplies via an attachment. 

Better Lighting: More artificial lighting options are helping to improve light quality in spaces that don’t provide large amounts of natural light. We are now starting to see lightbulbs in homes that change temperature and brightness to help homedweller’s circadian rhythm while simultaneously improving mood. Many of these new lighting choices can be programmed to change throughout the day to fit a homeowner’s preferences.  

All of these design elements help owners and buyers feel more comfortable and relaxed in their homes.