Preparing for your first open house as a real estate agent can be nerve-racking, to say the least. An open house is a critical time for the selling process and ensuring that potential buyers get a great first impression is essential. Aside from general tips about how to run a successful open house, that we will cover in a later blog post, let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can make your open house as visually appealing as possible.


Clean, Clean, Clean

You can never clean your listed property enough. And if you think that you have, there is probably more to do. Making the house as sparkling as possible will help to set your open house up for success. Some commonly overlooked places would be the baseboards, in cabinets and drawers, and ceiling fans. It is important to make sure the landscaping is clean and tidy as well! After all, the front of the house is the first impression a potential buyer will get.


Spend Time on Touch-ups

Often there are a few parts of a home that have been neglected for a few years. Think exterior paint, fixtures, new lightbulbs, and even pruning. As a real estate agent, you should train your eye to be able to find these minute details and be prepared to address them. Spending time in the details may seem like a waste but you will see the benefit of it in the faces of potential buyers.



It may not seem terribly important to stage a home for an open house but the work of a professional stager can work wonders in a space. Not only will it give it a fresh face-lift, but you will also be able to appeal to a larger audience. Think of an open house as a gathering in your home, a chance to welcome people in and make them feel like this could easily be their home. Furniture and accessories will do this for you.


Out of Sight, Out of Mind

If you are preparing for an open house that your client is currently living in, there are a few things to consider. Pets should often be removed from a house before the cleaning stage. During an open house, it can be detrimental if a potential buyer had an allergic reaction while in the home. Try to remove any appliances, fixtures, and the like that the seller does not intend to sell with the home. You do not want to have to say “that is not included in the sale”. Remove family photos and personal artifacts from the home as well. You want your potential buyers to see themselves in the home, not necessarily someone else.


An open house is a big step for any real estate agent, or sell for that matter, but it doesn’t have to go poorly! By paying close attention to the details and preparing ahead of time, you can administer a successful open house that everyone enjoys.