As a real estate broker, you are given the chance to step into a very meaningful part of your client’s life. The process of selling a home full of memories is significant and no small task. A successful real estate broker will be able to approach this life event with their clients in a way that puts them at ease and helps guide them through the process. Here are some ways that you can make your client feel comfortable about selling their home.



The cornerstone of a broker and client relationship is honesty. This is not a time for clever gimmicks or disguised fees; these will only prove to break down the relationship. Set a precedent for your client of integrity and the entire process will be smoother for you and more relaxing for the seller. It is important to not only be honest during the good times either. Is there a lack of offers coming in for the property? Be honest about what may be holding it back and take that time to reassess and restrategize.


It’s In The Details

Selling a home is a process that counts on the details. Small upgrades to a home can be the difference between it sitting stagnant on the market and the offers pouring in. Take the time to focus on the details with your client. Walk them through the benefits of something as simple as changing out their cabinet hardware or painting a room a neutral color. Caring about the little things will help your client trust that you know what is best.


Prepare Them for the Highs and the Lows

Selling a home can be a little bit of a rollercoaster sometimes. Prepare your client for the great things that go with selling a home but also be prepared to be with them through the low times. When the showing doesn’t go as planned or only a few people show up to the open house, be there for your client and reassure them that this is normal. Also, plan to give your client a heads up that these types of “setbacks” are expected. Setting your client’s expectations from the beginning will help them to trust you throughout the whole process.


Be Prepared to Step In

Real estate agents are more than just people who help sell houses. You are selling a lifestyle, experience, and future memories. Because of this, you often end up filling more roles than just the agent. Maybe you will be an impromptu dishwasher, assistant stager, and emotional guardian. Being ready to step in where you are needed will be a huge help and comfort to your client.


It may seem like a given but selling a home is not only stressful, it is emotionally draining for your clients. They have spent years in this home and made memories that they treasure. Maybe they raised their children in that home. Take into account the emotional strain that they are under during your interactions with them. Overall, try to be a comforting presence in this process.