Talking to your kids about community involvement is important. Even children can find a way to care for their community. Setting up an environment of learning and curiosity for your kids is crucial for guiding them towards a life of caring. Giving your kids the opportunity to volunteer in their community can help them grow as individuals and open up new opportunities for them in the future. 

Local Traveler

Explore your local area with your kids. Go out to the new restaurant nearby that serves traditional Japanese food. Give kids the means to explore their community and their surroundings. Have books and maps that outline other places around the world or even nearby. Open the door to different cultural experiences for your children to encourage a well-rounded teen and adult. 

Go Outside

With video games and the endless streaming of television shows it can be difficult to get your kids outside and interacting with the world around them. A hiking trail is one great option to expose your kids to nature. Consider taking them camping to get a more immersive experience with nature. Visit a lake or an ocean and get them comfortable with the idea of getting into water that is not indoors. All of these things will help children learn about nature and the importance of taking care of it. 

Clean Up Initiatives

There is always a place in your local area that could use help getting cleaned up. Whether it is with you and your family or with a bigger group or organization, take your kids with you to a local clean up spot. This will also help kids understand the importance of preserving nature and also give them a first hand experience of responsibility. 

Be Around Animals

Being around animals for kids is a significant experience. Although your household dog is just as important to have and be around for your kids, being able to see a horse up close and personal is a learning experience. Research to find local conservations with animals that your children have never seen before. A zoo is a great place to experience this as well but with a conservation, kids might be able to get a more personal experience with the animals.

During all of these activities, your kids will most likely ask a lot of questions. Be open to any and all questions kids have and answer them as best you can to help them understand the importance of caring for your local community.