Curb appeal is a big deal. What’s just as important, if not more important, is a prospective buyer’s first impression of the inside of your home. The whole idea of staging a home is to let potential buyers imagine living in the space. It also makes them excited about doing so. A professional staging company can invoke exactly the right emotions to make your home be the most sought-after one on the block. 

As people walk through a home, they are mentally going through a checklist, such as basic criteria, levels of comfort, and wish list items. The last thing you want anyone to see is anything that might need repairs. You will want to fix everything before you even open your doors to potential buyers. One of the first steps of staging is to make any small repairs to your home, touch-up work, and decorating. A coat of paint alone can instantly increase a home’s desirability. 

It also benefits you to get a head start on packing by emptying out your house. If you are placing staging furniture with a professional company, you are already miles ahead of all the work that goes into moving into your new home. Not only is it good for you, but it prevents people from being reminded of someone else’s home filled with their items and memories.

People are used to seeing staged homes online, so they have much higher expectations when they march through a front door, expecting a stunning reveal. A fair market analysis of comparable homes in your area will help you significantly if people see your home as move-in ready. Despite looking at the numbers, people buy a home with their hearts and minds, and the more comfortable and happy they feel in your house as opposed to others, the higher your chances are of making a quick sale at a decent price point. One of the benefits of staging a house is to maximize the spaciousness of the rooms. It is possible to transform the exact same square footage into a perceived larger environment just by eliminating clutter and creating a better flow.